Riga State Technical School

Profesionālās izglītības kompetences centrs "Rīgas Valsts tehnikums" / Vocational Education Competence Centre "Riga State Technical School" (RSTS) with more than 2500 students is the largest vocational secondary education institution in Latvia. RSTS executes programs of secondary vocational education which give a possibility to acquire the third level of vocational education. Additionally RSTS performs such functions as a regional or branch methodical center, teacher further education center and evaluation of professional competence acquired outside the formal education. RSTS is the most versatile vocational education competence centre in Latvia. There are 9 departments in RSTS: Auto, Computer, Business, Chemistry technology, Energetics, Mechanical engineering, Printing, Woodworking and Railway. RSTS has also 4 branches in other cities of Lavia: Balvi, Kraslava, Laidze and Limbazi.

The international cooperation at RSTS is being developed making the vocational education in Latvia competitive at European level.

Careeria Oy

From January 1, 2019, the new multidisciplinary vocational education provider Careeria is training tomorrow's experts for unique, future-oriented careers. Careeria wants to train, guide and coach students in their career paths, create new know-how, strengthen lifelong learning and integrate these into working life. Careeria offers vocational education to both young and adults. Careeria operates throughout Eastern Uusimaa area and the Capital region. In addition, it serves learners nationwide regardless of time and place.

Careeria's is offering vocational education in over 80 working life connected qualifications. The number of students is over 11,000 per year and turnover is approximately EUR 36 million. Careeria has 360 employees and 10 school buildings in Porvoo (5) Loviisa, Askola, Vantaa, Helsinki and Kerava.


Borgarholtsskóli is a comprehensive secondary school located in Grafarvogur District, Reykjavík.

The construction of Borgarholtsskóli began in 1995 and was completed in 1999. The school began its operations in the autumn of 1996 with 400 students. Today, the school has over one thousand students and staff of more than one hundred.

Borgarholtsskóli has always had a policy of promoting its students‘ literary, vocational and civil education. The school motto is: discipline, respect, expectations.

The school‘s basic values are equality, creation, self-discipline, progression and friendship; activities are progressive and creative and based on equality and friendship while demanding self-discipline.

Borgarholtsskóli offers a diverse variety of courses, aiming to fulfil the need of all students for a suitable course of study.

  1. A performance sport scheme.
  2. Automotive industrial arts.
  3. Preparatory programmes for university entrance.
  4. Social services programmes.
  1. A foundation programme.
  2. Arts programme for university entrance.
  3. Industrial metal works.
  4. A special education programme.

The school‘s student association encompasses numerous committees pertaining to various events, e.g. the freshmen trip, 80s ball and country ball. Improvisation night, guitarhero night, the song contest and more events are held in The Barn in Gufunesbær Farm. The drama club is highly active, staging a play each year. The two theme days in Borgarholdsskóli are called Shoe Galoshes Days. During those two days the traditional time table is set aside and students sign up for various courses. Other activities during theme days include participation in a countrywide exercise initiative called Lífshlaupið as well as paintball.

The school takes part in various competitions held among secondary schools in Iceland, such as the speech contest (Morfís), the song contest (Söngvakeppni framhaldsskólanna), and the questions and answers contest (Gettu betur). The school has done well in those competitions, winning the song contest once, and reaching the finals in the questions and answers contest several times as well as winning it once.